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5th Apr 2020 - Our team are now working remotely.......please contact us by email...........stay safe and see you on the other side........

Car lease UK

Here at Anthony K Associates, we have helped thousands of customers lease cars and vans for over two decades. Whether it is a multi million pound business adding several vehicles to their business fleet, or an individual looking for a personal contract hire vehicle, we can satisfy requirements of all budgets and sizes.

Be it John O' Groats, Lands end, Belfast or Cardiff, if you are looking to lease a vehicle we can help. Whilst we are based in North West England, our activity spans across the UK and we therefore have the ability and experience to handle enquiries from across the UK.

Should you find yourself interested in leasing, please get in touch. You can see many of our deals here on the website, although be sure to note that this list is far from exhaustive. If you know what you're looking for, or even if you don't, please give us a call. Whether you are just browsing or have something already in mind, whether you are certain you want to lease, or if you are simply curious to see the kind of prices you might be looking at for a vehicle that interests you - we are here to assist and will be delighted to do so.

Any of our staff will be delighted to put together some quotes for you to look at. Please see below for advice on how best to browse the deals on our website.

From a laptop / PC: On the left hand side of the screen you will notice a list of all the car manufacturers (by name and by logo).

 You can click on these individually and a list of the current deals will be available for each model. This is a great tool if you know what make of car you want. On the left hand side below the manufacturers you will be able to search for the 'term', or length of time, you would like to lease the car for - this is the duration of the deal. This is provided on a deal basis, and includes all the manufacturers that are offering the deal. For example, only a few offer a 6 month term, more offer an 18 month term and most offer a 24, 36 or 48 month term. On the left hand side again, below the 'term searches' you will see 'Search by CO2 band, and below that 'Green Vehicles'. These two options may suite you if you want to reduce your carbon footprint. The CO2 band links include the full range of all car lease deals split by their CO2 emissions. The Green vehicles focus only on those car lease deals at the lower end of the CO2 emissions.

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