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Order process

This is a simple guide to how you would place an order with us and the process until delivery. If you have any questions at all regarding this please contact us.

step 1 - Choosing Your Vehicle, Budget and Preferences.

We can provide competitive quotations for every make and model in the market place. 

If you are a business you will probably have an idea or policy for which vehicles suit your business.

For Professionals and Directors we can look at deals on special offers many of which are on the website or let us know any specific makes/models and we can get to work for you.

Consider a realistic mileage for your new car or van. Your monthly payment reflects the use of the vehicle so expect to pay more for more mileage or pay an excess mileage fee at the end of your contract.

Consider your initial payment , 3, 6 or 9 months as the first monthly payment? Generally the more you put down the lower the monthly rental to you.  The overall cost is often about the same.

Would you prefer a contract which includes your tyres and maintenance? Ask us about adding this to your quotation for hassle free motoring.

Or you can simply trust us to find you a 'deal' or special offer that meets your requirements.

step 2 - Establish a credit line.

For a  business application the majority of deals are only for those trading for more than 2 years. However if we can offer additional information such as accounts, bank statements and occasionally a Directors Guarantee our funders will consider younger businesses.

For Professionals and Directors you will need a good credit rating to access the majority of finance companies

Anthony K Associates adhere to 'Treating Your Customers Fairly' guidance and need to ensure that we are happy you can afford the contract you wish to embark on. 

Our applications forms are on our website and ask for all the information we need for an application.

step 3 - You place an order with us.

We need your confirmation that you are happy with the vehicle specification, contract details and pricing. Once we have your signature on an order we can move to ordering the car.

Our goal is to be your trusted suppliers and those of your contacts. We will tell you everything we know about expected delivery when and if we can.   We appreciate delays do happen but ask for your trust that we will tell you everything we know about the lead time for your new car.

step 4 - Order is placed with dealer.

We will place an order with a UK dealer on your behalf.

We accesss literally hundreds of dealers but try our best to use preferred suppliers and contacts in order to provide the best level of service and updates whilst you wait for your car.

Our goal is to be completely honest with you from day 1 about availability and lead times - this is why we prefer to use long standing suppliers that we can rely on.

All cars are covered by full manufacturer's nationwide warranties and can be serviced by your local dealers.

step 5 - Sign your documents.

A Direct debit form and a contractual agreement will need to be signed confirming the terms of the arrangement.

If you are in Greater Manchester you can nip to our office for this or we can come to you. Alternatively we can post or email contracts for you to check and sign. Most of the contracts come with particular sections to read and sign and we will do our best to highlight these for your understanding and to prevent us having to get paperwork rejected by the finance company.

For some contracts there are cooling off periods that we must adhere to after you have signed the documents.  We will make this clear to you at the point of ordering.

step 6 - Delivery.

Delivery can be made nationwide by our dealership network for no additional cost. There will be a professional handover by the delivery driver at the point of delivery to enable you to familiarise you with your new vehicle.

Alternatively, depending on the distances involved, you may be able to collect your car direct from the Dealer - this can be discussed during the Order process.

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